Product ID: Induction Forging

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The Radyne power integrated ForgeMaster billet heating system is a highly efficient, field proven standard units designed upon the concept of reliability and simplicity of operation which makes these easily integrated into any existing or new forging facility.
This unit has a built in solid state induction power source, hardened roller infeed chain conveyor chain drive system, open wound induction coil assembly and cover, operator interface and control system via Allen Bradley 503 SLC and Panelview color HM1, built in diagnostic lights and LCD indicators, and Fastractor/Reject System with a heavy duty motor driven roller system for removing billets quickly from the induction coil assembly.

Radyne offers complete Turnkey Systems comprising both hot and cold material handling equipment, manual or auto reject units, closed circuit cooling systems and manipulators.
  • ForgeMaster induction billet heater
    • Built in power, infeed conveyor, coil and cover, lost motion device, AB SLC CPU, color HMI, diagnostic lights and LCDs
  • Induction billet and bar end heater
    • Rapid heat and startup, reduce scale & loss, auto handling, energy saving, increase productivity, in-line capable

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Induction heat treating, induction brazing, induction billet forging