Radyne induction brazing and soldering equipment

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Induction brazing and soldering applications provide high speed localized heating, reduced oxidation, and repeatable even heat distribution producing very high quality joints. The induction coil induces the same electrical current in the workpiece on each cycle with automatically repeatable results. As a comparison in a flame type brazing application a skilled operator is relied on to be consistent and evenly apply the heat.

Induction can be used to join ferrous and nonferrous metals, or two dissimilar metals. Induction heating can be applied to a vacuum atmosphere where oxidation is critical. This is usually only carried out where production rates are low.

Radyne induction heating equipment is in daily use to braze carbide tips unto cutting tools, brass header tanks onto heater cores, fittings onto radiator tanks, brazing of fuel injection components, electrical switch gear and many other items.

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Induction heat treating, induction brazing, induction billet forging