Jacquard needle loom

Product ID: Saewha loom machine

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High speed electronic Jacqaurd needle loom for -elastic tape band for wrist, knee, underwear for men and women.
  • Model SH-8/30
    • Sh-8/30- can produced ,Bag belt of various kind, elastic band( head, wrist, knee, underwear for women and men.
  • Model SH-6/50
    • Sh-6/50- can prduced, bag belt,of various kind,
  • elastic band(head, wrist, knee,underwear for men and women.)
    • Model SH-4/50
      • Sh-4/50- can produced bag of various kind, elastic label band (knee, wrist, head, underwear for men and women.)
    • Model SH-6/50
      • SH-6/50 can produced elastic band ( head, wrist. knee, underwear for men and women
    • Model SH (HW) 2/150
      • SH-(HW) 2/150 can produced heavy duty fabrics-( army belt, safety belt, conveyer belt, pack belt for truck..etc.
  • Model Sh-8/30
    • No.Fabrics-(8)-No of hook-(96-160) -Heald Frame-(8)
  • Pick repeat-(32) Reed width(mm)-30
  • Motor Hp-(2) Max speed (rpm) 1,200x
    • Model Sh-6/50
      • No.Fabrics-(6)- No.of hook(96-320)- Heald frame-(8)
    • Pick repeat-(32)- Reed width (mm)- 30- Motor Hp-(2)- Max.speed-(1,200)
      • Model Sh-4/50
        • No.Fabrics (.4)- No.of hooks(320)- Reed width(mm) 50- Heald frame-(8) Pick repeat-(32)- Motor(hp)- 2
      • Max.speed(rpm) 1,200
        • Model SH-8/30
          • No.of fabrics- 6, Reed width(mm) 50 Heald frame- 10-16 Pick repeat- 48 Motor (Hp) 1 Max.speed(rpm) 1,600
        • Model SH -2/150
          • No.fo fabrics- 2, Reed width(mm) 75 Heald frame 10-12 Pick repeat- 48 Motor (Hp) 1.5 Max. speed (rpm) 600

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