Standard and Medium Brightness Neon Lamps

Product ID: Ne-2/ Ne-2C

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Product Name: Standard and Medium Brightness Neon Lamps
Model Number: NE-2, NE-2C
Place of Origin: China

1) NE-2 4X10 NE-2C 4X10
2) NE-2 5X12 NE-2C 5X12
3) NE-2 6X12 NE-2C 6X12
4) NE-2 6X16 NE-2C 6X16
5) NE-2 6X18 NE-2C 6X18

Inner packing
2 inner boxes

Strong export carton
Carton dimensions: 39 x 31 x 21cm or 36 x 34 x 34cm
  • Deep process series:
    • (1) . Neon lamp + resistor,
  • (2) . Neon lamp + resistor + wire, connection methods have: crimping, butt welding, tin soldering .
  • (different sizes can be made according to customers' drawing) .
    • Main models:
      • NE-2, NE-2C, NE-2H, NE-2G, NE-2B, NE-2Y,
    • NE-2W
      • Main sizes:
        • 3x8, 4x10, 5x12, 5x16, 6x12, ,6x13,6x14 , 6x16, 6x18, 6x20, 6x24
  • Details of our factory as below:
    • Production line no. 60 sets imported automatic equipments.
  • Production capacity: 2.5 million pcs per day, 700 million pcs per year.
  • Employee Number: 500
  • Q.C. system: ISO9001
  • Environment: ISO14000
  • Market covering area: America, Europe, South East Asia Etc.
  • Main types produced: all types can be made. Such as Standard Brightness, High Brightness, Ultra-high brightness, Medium brightness, green, blue, yellow, white. In the meanwhile, neon lamp jointed by terminal crimping, butt weld, or tin solder, and deep process products. Size can be made to meet your satisfactory, such as 4X10, 5X12, 6X12, 6X16 6X18 etc.
  • six months

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