DXDK100 grain autoamtic packaging machinery

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DXDK automatic packaging machines can automatically finish bag-making, filling , sealing and cutting. It has the following features,
1) High speed, and advanced design.
2) High-accuracy automatic bag-packaging.
3) Stepless adjusting of the packaging speed and the bag length.
4) Double-side temperature control in heat-sealing, suitable for various kinds of packaging materials.
5) Low failure rate and long service life.
6) Easy operation and maintain
7) Safe and credible photoelectric detecting, giving complete.
8) Lot number being automatically printed on the bag, and can leave a little gap for easy tearing and convenience use.
9) Adjustable cup-measuring method, with safe and credible photoelectric detecting system, giving complete trademark pattern.

Packing Material:

Paper/polyethylene, cellophane/polyethylene, polyester/plated aluminium/polyethylene, BOPP/polyethylene, plated aluminium/polyethylene

Technical Parameter:

    DXDK100 DXDK80 DXDK60
Packing speed (bag/min) 55~100 55~80 40~60
Range of measurement (ml) 1~10ml 10~50ml 50~100
Bag size (mm) L: 40~80
W: 50~70 L: 50~120
W: 60~85 L: 80~145
W: 75~100
Source voltage 3-phase and four-wire system 380V
Power (W) 0.86
Weight (Kg) 175
Outline Dimension (mm) 625*751*1558

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