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We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of Computer Peripherals & Accessories, Network products, Wires and Cables in China, specialize in manufacturing Computer/Network cables, USB, Coaxial cable, Phone Cable, IEEE1394, PCMCIA cable assembly, A/V cable, CAT-5,5e,6 cable, RS-232, SCSI, V.35 & VESA LFH cable, Monitor cable, Modem cable, Keyboard cable, Mouse cable, Flat/IDE HDD cable, Power cord/supply cable, connector, adapter, changer, Cooler, Mouse, Case, Keyboard, Data Switch, Lan Card, Hub, etc.

We have a wide range of products and models for your selection. All products are produced under strict standards of Quality Control, and constant research and development ensures that you are getting the latest products produced with the most advanced and cost effective technologies.

Furthermore, we are able to manufacture to your specs.
OEM & ODM are welcome warmly.
Our product has achieved ISO9001 certificate.
  • ISO9001

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Computer/Network cable, USB, Coaxial cable, power cable