USB Flash Driver

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Featuring small size, easy operation and high security, the Fingerprint USB Drive is your best choice as a data storage media. Why? Because your data will no longer be stolen, lost or inadvertently passed on to an unauthorized user. You will always posses your unique fingerpirnt and no one can steal that from you

Flash disk integrates with fingerprint biometrics for sensors, for security and privacy use
No need to install driver and software
Fingerprint identification with high accuracy and speed
Storing personal/confidential data, such as PKI keys and company data
Windows 98/ Me/XP/2000 supported
Fingerprints prevent unauthorized access to confidential/personal data
Easy operation for fingerprint enrollment
High speed of digital conversion and classification (1:N matching)
Capacitor-type (chip) sensor for live-scan capturing of 3D-fingerprint minutiae
Compact, mobile, portable and light

ID pass: the newest scanner uses the latest fingerprint
recognition technology to ensure that only authorized userˇs fingerprint can access to the hidden secure partition
PC-lock protection: PC-lock is enabled when Bio-Flash is disconnected from the PC
File encryption and decryption: file encryption & decryption by fingerprint for particularly important file
Rewrite protection by fingerprint: documents are write-protected by fingerprint identifications
Flash roamer: mobile email management system that stores and manages emails wherever it is

Specification model:
Disk memory capacity: 128MB~1GB
Fingerprint record capacity: 5 fingerprint templates
Fingerprint sensor: capacitor (chip)
Hardware interface: USB 1.1/2.0
Resolution: 508dpi
Field size: 236 x 192 pixels
Grey level: 256 levels (8bits/pixel)
False rejection rate (FRR): 1/1,000
False acceptance rate (FAR): 1/1,000,000
Allowable rotation: ∮15
ESD: 20kV

Scanning speed: 1s
Matching speed: 970kb/s
Writing speed: >800kb/s