anion light bulb

Product ID: TEC-001

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compact fluorescent light bulb with ionizer built in. Provide lumination and cleaning air / smoke, at the same time nurturing health since the negative ion is emitted to provide a foresty air quality to promote blood circulation and health.
  • 220-230v, 120v
    • Different voltage for different market
  • 11W to 26W
    • With 3U and spiral disign
  • Life span 6000 hours
  • anion consistency
    • 3100000 s/cc
  • ozone consistency
  • Removing cigarrette smoke
    • In 1 minutes.One ion cleaning lamp can clean 8 ~ 10 meter square
  • Reducing odour
    • ionized air will neutralize odour in the air
  • Enhanced Metabolism
    • Promote blood circulation and health
  • Strengthen immunity
    • strengthen body cell
  • Slow down aging
    • Nurturing environment with fresh air like the forest or water fall
  • CE

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