VISIONTEK - ATA - Analog Telephone Adaptor


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Businesses are always looking for the best communication Technology to improve their competitive advantage and reduce their cost of communications.

Today businesses use various means of communication including Telephone, Fax, e-mail, toll-free service, call centers and Internet.

The explosion of choices gives businesses more flexibility but also increase the complexity and cost of managing their Networks.
  • SIP Protocol, RFC 3261
    • Substantial savings compared to traditional phone service.
  • Regular local phone service is not needed for VoIP.
  • Move anywhere in the world and keep the same number (Primus only).
  • No monthly fee for service (Primus VoIP only).
  • User Friendly
    • Now one can take the advantage of the IP based communication Technology that combines Voice, Fax and data in a single Network. Visiontek - 71 W(ET) is targeted at companies looking to reduce telecommunication expenses by moving voice traffic to packet networks.
  • This device will enable connectivity through LAN and supports Transmission and Reception of 2 lines simultaneously.

Main Products

GSM, CDMA, PSTN, VOIP, call shop, payphone, fixed wireless terminals