Visiontek Telephone call charge indicator


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Visiontek 31T is the latest generation PCO with dual line for fixed line / fixed wireless connectivity.
Two calls can be made at the same time from two different cabins and separate booth displays can be connected for monitoring.
It would avoid long queues and simultaneously optimize utilization and profitability. The features of this product makes it distinctive.

The PCO Call Charge Monitor 31 T incorporates an advanced Micro Controller (80C31) based technology with 32K RAM & 64K ROM capacity. The system can be operated with 230V AC/50 Hz (or) 12V, 5AH Lead Acid battery. Works on both PULSE /DTMF dialing on 16 KHz metering and has battery back up in the event of power failure.
Also has a Power saving mode to conserve battery. Remote servicing is supported for dyanamic deployment of Tariffs and Changes to passwords
  • Visiontek Call charge indicator
    • It is widely applied as Attended Payphone booths, Communication bureaus, Commercial places, Hotels, Canteens, Phone shops, callshops, Telecentres, Teleboutiques and Community phones.
  • User Friendly
    • Dual Line Desktop Call Charge Indicator
  • Supports Prepaid and/or Post-Paid Connectivity
  • Has Built-in Caller-ID facility on Line1 and Line2
  • Call Shop Software *
  • Secured with Password protection

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