8CH Real Time DVR card

Product ID: TWCR-9808

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Key Specifications:
o Camera input : 8 channel
o Image definition: 9-bit ADCs ( better image quality than DVR card base on FUSION 878 chip)
o Display speed : 240fps in NTSC, 200 fps in PAL
o Recording speed (max): 240fps in NTSC, 200 fps in PAL
o Image resolution : 640 X 480, 352 X 288, 320 X 240
o Image compression : H.264 / MPEG-4
o Audio input : 2 channel audio input with microphone
o Compression ratio : 50-150M/C/H (50-150M of hard disc each channel per hour)
o Recording option : Motion-detection, alarm, continual modes
o Search and Playback: Intelligent search and 4ch playback
o Backup: USB / Remote backup
o Operating System: Windows2000 Professional / Server / XP
o Network protocol : TCP/IP
o PTZ control support: RS232-485, digital decorder
Main Functions
o 8 channel real-time monitoring
o Superior image clarity ,built with 9-bit ADCs (upgraded from 8-bit ADCs)
o Image color can be adjusted individually by software
o search the history DVR file by date/time and camera number and multi-channel playback which have the multi-functions of speed control, pictures printing ,image catch.
o Support insert 2 card in the same PC form to 16 channel real-time monitoring and insert 3-4 card in the same PC form to 24-32 ch near real-time monitoring, Ether9808 and Ether9404 can be inserted in the same PC to form 12 real-time channel DVR
o Multi screen monitoring , 1,4,9,16 ,25,36 split Screen available
o Support display 8/12/16 channel video in 4 screen mode by rotate and setting rotate interval
o Support the motion-detection in each channel designated area ,and equip with alarm system, attach pictures and email, video recorded, and the sensitivity of the move detection could be adjusted
o compact picture storage, image are compressed down to an small dvr file using MPEG-4,low hard disk consumption, 50-150M per hour of action for each channel
o Able to create new users and right management
o Support scheduled continue or motion-detection recording
o Support PTZ control
o High quality picture transmission over PSTN , ADSL ,ISDN & LAN network, super network due to excellent compression algorithm and small digital inflow
o Remote viewing / recording (backup) / playback / PTZ control by IE
o Support watermark technology, the video file cannot be edited
o Support dynamic IP by dynamic domain name

o High speed network transmission
o Superior image clarity ,built with 9-bit ADCs (upgraded from 8-bit ADCs)
o Easy to installation and use GUI (Graphical User Interface)
o Free Software upgradeable
.1/3"Sony Smoke Detector Camera

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