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Teknik Makine ve Model TMM Co. manufactures a variety of industrial air blowers, vacuum cleaners, flowmeters and diffusers . Our CE certified products are solidly engineered and competitively priced and are all produced under stringent ISO 9001 quality standards. Besides our standart designs, we also make to customer orders to meet specific requirements and accept private label orders. We are a major supplier within most industries, including textiles, agriculture, food, beverage, environmental, paper, printing, packaging, pneumatic conveying, etc. Our CE certified dry and wet type industrial type vacuum cleaners consists of four types : 3 kw, 4 kw and 5, 5 kw and also 7.5 kw, 11 kw and 15 kw suitable for central dust collecting systems . Our vacuum cleaners are equipped with the blowers which are produced with three-phase AC motors. These blowers have a performance of 2900 cycle/ second and suitable for 24 hours. Their filters can be cleaned in their tanks with the help of their shaking arms without dismantling machines so there exists no dust. Our industrial type vacuum cleaners can easily be used at factories, CNC and universal milling and turning machines. Our products can vacuum dusts on carpets and plastic grounds, swarfs, stones and leaves. We look for distributors and agents worldwide. Please contact us for pricing and further information .
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