HONGKONG AND SHANGHAI TOTAL CO., LTD. is a professional exporting and manufacturing group company, specialized in industry supplies: hardware & tools, hand tools, cutting tools, electric power tools, electronic instruments, measurement and meters, industry lightings; electronic & electrical supplies: cable and wiring accessories, cable assemblies and cable management, circuit breakers, contactors, electrical outlets and plugs, lighting accessories, lighting bulbs and tubes, lighting fixtures, motor starters, power supplies, relays, sensors, switches; office supplies: office chairs; garden supplies: garden chairs, garden tools; and etc.

They are detailed as:

TOOLS: Hand tools, Pliers, American type pliers, European type pliers, German type pliers, fishing gear pliers, long reach pliers, mini pliers, plate pliers, special pliers, other pliers, pliers finishing and packing, Screwdriver, screwdriver set, Wrench, spanner, adjustable wrench, dead wrench, double open-box wrench, double open-end wrench, combination wrench, dead wrench set, hex key wrench, socket wrench, ratchet, sliding t-bar, extension bar, socket wrench set, Hammer, claw hammer, engineer ball hammer, machinist hammer, stoning hammer, sledge hammer, splitting maul, axe with handle, steel pick heads, Measuring tools, tape measures, rulers and squares, plumb bobs, Auger bit, SDS-plus shank auger bit, hex shank auger bit, carbide tipped auger bit, hand brace auger bit, ship auger bit, auger bit set, Driver bit, Twist drill, HSS straight shank twist drill, stub drill, long twist drill, taper shank twist drill, twist drill set, Screw tap, HSS screw tap, Electric hammer drill, SDS-plus hammer drill, SDS-max shank hammer drill, four-hollow square shank hammer drill, hex shank hammer drill, straight spline shank hammer drill, tapered shank hammer drill, SDS-plus hammer drill set, Chisel, pointed chisel, small flat chisel, big flat chisel, gouge and groove chisel, Masonry drill, masonry drill set, Hole saw, wood hole saw, wood T.C.T. hole saw, T.C.T. hole saw, HSS hole saw, hole saw set, Saw blade, diamond wet cutter saw blade, T.C.T. circular saw blade, Wood working drill set, Combination tool sets, Electric power tools, Garden tools, whole shears, hedge shears, big cutting shears, long fruit shears, high shears, flower tool collection, grass rakes, nail rakes, rakes head;

ELECTRONIC AND ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS: Wires, Cables, Cable Assemblies, Cable Accessories, Wiring Accessories, Cable Connectors and Terminals, rail terminal block, feed-through terminal block, DIN rail & cutting machine, Plastic and Wiring Accessories for Cable Management, cable tie, cable clip, nylon cable gland, metal cable gland, EX cable gland, cable gland accessories (nuts, cover, reducer), wire connector, cable clamp, expand nail, wire joints, insulated terminals, connectors & disconnectors, cable markers, heat shrinkable tubing, self-adhesive tie mounts, vinyl wire end caps & spiral wrapping bands, ripple conduit, corrugated conduit connector, corrugated conduit accessories, rigid conduits and fittings, wiring ducts, insulation tape, wire accessories and tools, Circuit Breaker, miniature circuit breaker (MCB), residual current circuit breaker (RCCB), residual current circuit breaker with overcurrent protection (RCBO), isolator, molded case circuit breaker (MCCB), Contactor, Electrical Outlets & Plugs, British wall switches, British plugs and lampholders, Electronic Instrument, audio sweep signal generator, automatic component analyzer, bench top multimeter, capacitance meter, DC low-ohm meter, digital electrical parameter comprehensive tester series, electrolytic capacitor leakage current meter, frequency counter, function generator, impendence meter, inductance meter and ground bund tester, insulation resistance meter, LCR meter, milivoltmeter, oscilloscope, Q meter, semiconductor curve tracer, spectrum analyzer, withstand voltage tester and leakage current tester, Measurement & Meter, analog multimeter, digital multimeter, digital AC and DC clamp meter, digital AC and DC power clamp meter, digital AC clamp meter, digital special multimeter, anemometer, automobile tester, dew point meter, dynamometer, electromagnetic wave radiation alarm, humidity meter, insulation tester, lux meter, moisture tester, network cable meter, pen probe style multimeter, sound level meter, stroboscope, tachometer, temperature meter and thermometer, thickness meter, ultrasonic range tester, vibration meter, voltage check, phase indicator, megohmmeter, surface resistance tester, process calibrator, phase meter, Motor Starter, Power Supply, switch power supply, DC power supply, Relays, thermal overload relay, time relay, PCB relay, general purpose relay, air conditioning relay, power relay, automotive relays, relay sockets, electronic timing relay, Sensors, proximity switch, safety explosion-proof proximity switch, capacitance proximity switch, hall sensor, induction linear sensor, reed sensor, photoelectric sensor, mirror reflector plate, optical screen sensor, light screen sensor, color code sensor, solid state relay, pushbutton switch;

LAMPS AND BULBS: fluorescent Tube, energy Saving Lamp, incandescent bulb;

LIGHTING FIXTURES: H.I.D. floodlights, halogen floodlights, H.I.D. downlights, high bay fittings, street lights, bulk head lights, lantern lights, downlights, across inserted lights, recessed lights, pendant lights, embed Lights, ceiling Lights, fluorescent lighting fixtures, LED lights;

CHAIRS: executive chair, manager chair, clerk chair, bent-arm chair, bar chair, row chair, bench chair, cloth chair, conference chair, hard chair, mesh chair and etc.

To supply products of the highest quality, to support them with the best possible service, and to ensure that every product offers unbeatable value of money. Those were the simple objectives of TOTAL's founders from 1998, and are the foundation stones of TOTAL's business philosophy.

Quality is the guiding principle for TOTAL's highly experienced development team. Only when their quality is proven and guaranteed are the products released for sale. Our own and cooperating production factories' products have obtained major international safety certifications, such as CE, GS, TUV, UL, VDE, SEMKO, FIMKO, NEMKO, KEMA, BS and so on. But that is not the end of the story. By listening carefully to customer's feedback, continual product enhancements improve not just quality but also performance and ease of use.

TOTAL provides not only product, but also service. Its focus is on both production of foreign customer's requesting item, and sourcing the right product from China they need. Fast response to sample enquiries, rapid order processing and on time delivery ensures that customer's requirement are accurately and consistently satisfied, while this is guaranteed by years exporting experience in the field.

TOTAL products have a well deserved reputation for offering outstanding value for money. TOTAL's China-wide sourcing capability, together with its in-house design and development facilities further contribute to ensuring that all TOTAL products set the standard for value.

By the good quality and competitive price, as well as the best service, TOTAL's products have reached to all over the world.

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