Product ID: TE-DVR8

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1) Using high performance 32-bit embedded micro-processor, embedded
real-time operating system
2) 8 channel audio/video synchronized real-time recording
3) Every recording channel's parameter could be set up independently
4) Supports 4 recording mode (manual, timing, motion detection, alarming)
5) Clips' playback, clips' searching, fast forwarding, backward, playback,
single frame playback
6) Supports 1/4, 1/9 windows' preview, playback; playback won't affect the
real-time previewing
7) Could be controlled with keyboard, control panel, infrared remote
controller, remote networked computer
8) The hard disk's file system is FAT, the recorded video/audio files could
be accessed by PC
9) Equipped with 4-IDE channels which could enable 8 hard disks working
10) Strong disk management function such as formatting and partitioning
11) Supports TCP/IP and UDP protocol, may use remote client PC to control,
configure the DVR, to remotely backup video data, and to do remote
real-time previewing
12) Provides 8 channels alarm input, 2 channels alarm output port
13) Video motion detection function, every video channel could set up at
most 64 motion detection area, providing 10 sensitivity level
14) Mosaic function, every video channel could set up at most 64 mosaic
area (to block certain area on a previewing window)
15) Equipped with one RS-484 port, could implement the PTC (Pan Tilt
Control) and camera control, the system has embedded multiple
communication protocols
16) The software could be updated with net port or serial port
17) System lock, password check, user right assignment image format could
be half-D1/CIF/QCIF
.stand alone DVR

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