TC553/852 Controller PCB

Product ID: TC553/852

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The TC553/852 is an Evaluation/Demo board. It supports both Optrex F-51553 as well as its enhanced version F-51852 128x64 COG Monochrome STN LCD. This controller allows the user to individually control each display pixel. This independent pixel control allows the user to display both text and pictures simultaneously. The TC553/852 uses an ATMEGA16 microcontroller and external AT24C512 serial EEPROM. The microcontroller can be reprogrammed at any time by using AVRISP device. This board requires a single 5 VDC supply to be plugged into J5 connector (bypass voltage regulator) or 7-15 VDC power supply to be plugged into J11 connector.
  • RS-232 communication interface
    • The TC553/852 controller uses RS-232 protocol interface (8 data bits, no parity , 1 stop bit). It has a regular DB9 connector which allows communication with PC by standard serial cable. Removal of jumpers on J4 header allows interfacing with other microprocessors with 5V TTL levels. A single command sets the appropriate baud rate. This baud rate may be changed at any time (reset required). Switch #2 on S1 must be turned OFF, otherwise baud rate is always 9600.
  • Nine programmable baud rates
    • A single command sets the appropriate baud rate. The baud rate may be changed at any time (reset required). For TC553/852 switch #2 on S1 needs to be turned OFF, otherwise baud rate is always 9600.
  • 512k bites external EEPROM
    • The TC553/852 Controller uses 512kb serial EEPROM. The lower four pages of 512kb memory hold the default text font used to display text. The remaining memory can be used to store up to 60 full-screen images. A utility program allows you to convert and download bitmapped pictures (128x64 - pixels .BMP or .JPG graphics) to the display.
  • Touch screen controller
    • The touch screen controller can respond in two ways: sends X and Y coordinates of touch screen contact location or sends digits (if used as a keypad) to main microprocessor or computer. In a Keypad Mode controller sends out ASCII Code of each number. "Esc" button sends out char 27 (ASCII for Esc) and clears two top pages on a screen, "Ent" button sends out char 13 (ASCII for Enter). There is a possibility to print a single or/and double page size digits on a screen. To avoid inaccuracy when working with touch screen you may use wood or plastic stick. TC553/852 controller is calibrated for touch screen. Our keypad templates are available for download from our web site. Any command sent from main computer or microprocessor disables a touch screen. To enable touch screen, appropriate command needs to be sent.
  • AVRISP Interface
    • AVRISP (In-System Programmer) interface (connector J2) allows you to program your own code into microcontroller. In order to do that you need ISP device.
  • 7-15 VDC voltage regulator
    • Input from 7 to 15 VDC (connector J11). Output 5 VDC (connector J5). Up to 1A current is available for external applications.
  • Software control
    • The Optrex F-51553 series LCD module provides 9-bits of software contrast adjustment. This is subdivided into a 3-bit rough adjustment called "V5 Voltage Regulator Internal Resistor Ratio Set" and a 6-bit fine adjustment called "Electronic Volume". Switch #1 on S1 needs to be turned OFF and switch #3 on S1 ON. The Optrex F-51852 doesn't support this feature. The values provided in the TC controller should work in most cases but it is possible that your particular design requires a different combination of Resistor Ratio and Electronic Volume. Also it is possible to control backlight and display (ON/OFF).
  • Hardware contrast adjustment
    • The TC553/852 controller has a trimmer potentiometer for contrast adjustment. To use this feature with F-51553 LCD: switches #1 and #3 on S1 need to be turned OFF. For F-51852 LCD switch #1 on S1 needs to be turned ON. Switch #3 position don't care.
  • Horizontal Scrolling Bar
    • The TC553/852 controller provides a horizontal scrolling bar option. Up to 25 characters may be stored in an external EEPROM. Scrolling bar speed and font type can be selected by appropriate command. Visit TC553852 Controller Commands List on our web site.
  • 3 integrated fonts
    • The TC553/852 controller supports three integrated fonts: 5x7, 8x14, 8x14 Bold. Different font sizes can be freely mixed on the screen.