Anti-insect net

Product ID: TY-A3

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essential fabric for your integrated pest management program. It allows you to reduce your chemical pesticide applications and keep your greenhouse productive and increase the room temperature. Different meshes offer protection against different types of insects, and its transparent white color allows maximum light to reach the plants.
  • Material
    • PE/Nylon, withUV stabilizer add.
  • Width
    • 1.5m-2.2m
  • Package
    • 20m or 100m every roll Strong PE bags outside, rolls with an inner paper carton
  • anti-bird net
    • 4) has a variety of uses and is the same product used by professional growers. It is perfect for wrapping individual shrubs and bushes for deer protection. It is also used by growers to protect crops such as blueberries, strawberries, grapes and cherries without inhibiting plant growth. This mesh can also be used to cover pools or ponds to keep leaves out.
  • windbreak net
    • Weatherproof protection against sun, wind and even heavy hail damage. Will withstand heavy wind, abrasion, and is UV stabilised.
  • Strong, tear resistant protection.
  • Manufactured to provide a reliable and long-lasting cover.
  • Suitable for open areas, glasshouse shading and reducing heat loss in greenhouses (between 5-7%) representing significant savings on fuel costs.
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