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Our new FUJI 4 in 1 Active Foam takes all the hard work out of the weekly wash and makes washing of home air conditioning a pleasure. All you have to do is:

1. Disconnect power supply and remove filters.
2. Remove away the air in-take panel
3. Use vacuum cleaner to remove heavy built-up
4. Shake well and spray FUJI 4 in 1 Active Foam onto aluminium fins and fan blades. Allow approx. 15 min for reaction.
5. Install filters and air in-take panel.
6. To prevent splashing cover a towel at air outlet when air-con is switch on after cleaning.
  • Intstantly Eliminate
    • This active foam instantly acts to eliminate Dirt, Pollen, Mould, Bacteria, Odour and other built-ups.
  • Rid the slime
    • When it subside and flow into the drainpipes, it’s further work to rid the slime that causes water blockage. This is the cause of water dripping at the Blower.
  • Regular usage allows you
    • To operate you air-conditioner at optimum performance and low cost. It also guards against your family good health.

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