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The XMD DSL02 is a 2-wire high speed DSL modem based on the ITU-T G.991 recommendation of G.shdsl standard, capable of symmetric data (128Kbps ~ 2304Kbps) transmission up to 5KM over 2-wire copper line. SHDSL (ITU G.991.2) is a new standard that fulfills the broadband requirements of business users for symmetrical, single pair, and provides the Quality of Service (QoS) required for high bandwidth data transfer. SHDSL extends transmissions farther than any other DSL technology, opening the door for service providers to deliver low cost, multiservice, broadband access to a wider subscriber base. The wide choice of DTE interfaces (E1, FE1, 10/100M LAN and Nx64K V.35) makes DSL02 an ideal cost-effective solution for broadband access.

l Compliant with ITU-T G.703, G.704, G.991.2, IEEE802.3、802.3u
l G.SHDSL (G.991.2) technology gives near fiber transmission quality from 128Kbps to 2304Kbps
l Range at 2Mbps: 5KM (0.5mm gauge) and 3.6KM (0.4mm gauge) over 2-wire copper wire.
l Wide choice of DTE interfaces: E1, FE1, 10/100M LAN, Nx64K V.35 (N≤32)
l Rate-adaptive transmission range. The lower the baud rate the longer the transmission range.
l MDI/MDI-X auto negotiation for LAN connection
l 10/100M speed auto negotiation
l Half/full duplex mode auto negotiation
l MAC address filtration
l Field selectable E1/FE1 and balanced / unbalanced connection
l Support local analog loopback, local digital loopback and remote digital loopback tests and BERT test
l Status LEDs and comprehensive diagnostic tools
l 220VAC or -48VDC power supply
.XDSL Modem