PIR Door gap detector sensor

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Passive Infrared Curtain Detector
*Work on the theory of body infrared, when the body in receivable area, the detector will give alarm messenger, widely application in bank, storage room and family
*It is very reliable product with prefect function of alarm sensor and professional infrared IC chip in detector part. High frequency emitting end is applied with latest SAW stable frequency technology and mature surround current road, so its the feature of high sensitivity, least error rate, stable emitting frequency and high emitting power
*Work theory: From the detector lens infrared protection area covers a cone with eight meters length and 105 degree. Inside this field, once some object exits its infrared will be absorbed
1.Quiet Current: less than 30uA
2.Alarm Current: 10mA
3.Emit frequency: 315MHz ?.075MHz
4.Efficient detect distance: 10M?10M
5.Front detect angle: 25 degree
6.Wireless transmission distance: more that 300M (outside)
7.Current voltage: DC9V layer batteries

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