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Remote controller

*Remote controller is used for placing and revoking garrison, urgent help, open and close siren
*Other than the function of placing garrison, revoking garrison and urgent help call, subordinate remote controller (decoration for the key linker) has also the function of noticing revoking garrison, so you can know who *After revoking garrison with subordinate remote controller, main unit will auto dial the first reset telephone, the receiver can hear voice (not record voice) and know that the subordinate controllers owner has enter the room
1.Supply voltage: 9-12V
2.Work current: less than 3.5mA
3.Work Frequency: 315MHz
4.Emitting power:more than 10mW
5.Launch Distance: 100m~150m
6.Frequency Deviation ?.2MHz
7.Transmission Speed Rate: 50Hz~6KHz
8. Demission: 50mm(L)?40mm(W)?12mm(H)
  • ce ul fcc 3c

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