Titanium Dioxide

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We specialized in export: Tung oil, Gum Rosin, Antimony trioxide, Antimony ingot, Antimony Trisulfate, Pine oil, Cubic Zirconia, Corundum, Synthetic Sapphire, Spinel, Ruby, Turpentine oil, Disproportionated Rosin, ZnO, Titanium dioxide. Terpineol, pinene, Lithopone, Brassylic acid, Dihydromyrcenol, Sodium dichloroisocyanurate, etc.
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  • Tung oil,
    • Tung oil -- China Wood Oil
  • Packing in 190kgs/new iron drum, 15.2mts/fcl.
  • Qtty: 200mts/month
    • Titanium Dioxide
      • Titanium Dioxide Anatase Grade B101. HS CODE: 32061190
    • Cubic Zirconia
      • Our products are the series of Cubic Zirconia, synthetic corundum, sapphire and spinel, welcome visit http://www.wonderful.com.cn
    • Gum Rosin WW grade
      • Packing : in galvanized iron drum, 225 kg net each drum 21.6mts/fcl
    • Quantity : 2--20FCLS.
      • Antimony Trisulfide,75--82%
        • Appearance: Grey lusterous black
      • crystalline powder ; Sb: 54-58%; H2O: 2.0% max;
      • Sieve residue 120mesh: 2.0% max
  • Antimony Trioxide ''0'' grade
    • Packing in 25kgs/50kgs/Bag. 20mt/FCL
  • Quantity: 2--20FCLS
    • Citric acid
      • Anhy & Mono Grade
    • BP93/98, USP22/23. ISO9002.
      • Pine oil
        • Content: 65%min; 85%min
      • 14.4mts/fcl.
        • Brassylic acid
          • Grade A
        • Antimony Ingot
          • Grade 1, Grade 2,
        • 1000kgs/pallet.

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Tung oil, Gum Rosin, Turpentine, Pine oil, Cubic Zirconia