Cardpulse Electronic Pulse Massager

Product ID: XFT-8-8

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Cardpulse is a self-administered tens device, which sends comfortable low-intensity electrical pulse to the nerver through self-adhesive electodes that are applied to the surface of the skin. It is a newly developed product in which a single rhythm is switched on and off automatically, resulting in a pulse current and avoidance of a single remedy. It gives immediate relief of pain without the undesriable side effects.

Cardpulse is also special for its successful application of the traditional acupuncture theory. The electro-acupuncture pen of cardpulse combined needle with electricity for treatment. The principle is to stimulate the abnormal meridian via the acupuncture-point to reach the same result of penetrading a needle into the skin. It is highly effective for chronic back pain, waist pain, leg ache, arthritis, neuralgia and rheumatism.
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