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We offer Samarium Cobalt, SmCo magnets, rare earth permanent magnets, we have Disc SmCo Magnets, Ring Smco magnets, Block SmCo Magnets, cylinder, ring, square, segment, Samarium Cobalt available, Smco are applied in Electronic magnetron, magnetic transmission.
  • High resistance to demagnetization
    • SmCo magnets are the most stable magnets among all magnetic material,and it doesn't need any surface coating to prevent corrosion.
  • High energy
    • High energy (magnetic strength is strong for its size) ,the BHmax of smco magnets could be up to 30MGOe.
  • Good temperature stability
    • SmCo magnets can operate at temperatures up to 350C , depending upon the grade and permeance coefficient. Sm2Co17 materials exhibit superior temperature characteristics as compared to the Sm1Co5 types.
  • Expensive material
    • Expensive material (cobalt is market price sensitive),and smco magnets is the most expensive magnetic material up to present

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