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  • most powerful
    • Flexible magnetic is supersaturated with magnetism in a multiple pole magnetization pattern, so its magnetic strength is evenly distributed across the surface. The thicker the material, the greater the strength. Permanent magnetism is guaranteed as long as the material is not subjected to a demagnetizing force
  • Durable
    • magnetic strip is easy to maintain and safe for finished surfaces. It contains no oils or plasticizers that can cause cracking, drying out or surface migration.
  • Safe
    • The material is lead-free and barium-free, making it a non-toxic substrate that is safe to work with
  • Machinable
    • flexible magnets is easily drilled or cut with scissors, knife, die or punch to fit your application
  • Temperature Range
    • flexible magnets is designed to withstand continuous exposure to temperatures from -40慚 to 160慚 without demagnetizing.

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