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Alnico describes a family of materials, which is derived from a common base composition comprising of aluminum, nickel, cobalt and iron with varying additions of other elements. By varying the composition it is possible to tailor the magnetic properties to meet the needs of a wide variety of end use applications. There are two different manufacturing processes for Alnico: Cast Alnico can be made into many sizes and shapes, whereas Sintered Alnico is usually restricted to smaller sizes. However, both processes lead themselves to complex geometries and configurations. Standard Sintered Alnico has tighter dimensional tolerances due to its processing. It also has slightly lowest reversible temperature coefficient magnetism in permanent magnet materials have excellent working temperature up to 600蚓,Alnico products are widely used in all kinds of meters and other applications,
  • Excellent temperature coefficient
    • Capable of working at a wide range of temperature up to 500C
  • High field strengths at medium cost
  • Easy of magnetizing
  • Compatible with most painting stuff
    • Compatible with most painting or plating systems (including nickel and copper)

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