CC-113AS remote control

CC-113AS remote control

CC-113AS  FSK two way car alarm

CC-113AS FSK two way car alarm

FSK Two-Way LCD Car Alarm with Engine Starter - CC113AS

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FSK SUPER LONG RANGE ( 5000M ) Two-Way LCD Pager Car Alarm System with Engine Starter
Model Code: CC113AS ( with dry battery)
FSK Super Long Range (5000m) Two-Way LCD Car Alarm
MODEL CODE: CC113A( with dry battery), CC113B ( with rechargeable lithium battery)


1) FSK technology with monitoring & responding range up to 5000 meters
2) Newly design, chrome metal frame, Fashionable LCD transmitter
3) Window rolling up automatically/ Trunk Release output
4) Electrical clock displaying on screen
5) Voice reminding with a chord of three tones
6) With Microwave Sensor input
7) Colorful background LCD (different color indicates different trigger)
8) Low power consumption and long life
9) Super big size screen which has multi-color display with flash lighting, easy to monitor the car
10) Anti-hijacking function
11)posses all basic functions like : Arm/disarm/ car finding/ mute alarm ..
12) Remote Start Engine ( only for CC113AS) even under high or low temperature
13) With a Rechargeable lithium battery ( only for CC113B )

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