GPS+GSM car alarm(GSM_318V)

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GPS+ GSM Vehicle Tracking System


The 318V is a GPS / GSM vehicle tracking system. It uses the latest SIRF III GPS module and Siemens GSM module. It is an idea design not only for GPS real time tracking, but also a complete GSM alarm controllable by user's mobile phone message as well as the RF transmitters. The use can control the system with mobile (arm, disarm, lock, unlock, start and stop the engine of car, listen in ,check status and speak to the car , cut off the power) in real time, the user also can check the position of system on PC, PDA and navigation and E-map with the message from system .


1. Monitor( latitude, longitude, car speed and car direction) the car by mobile in real time, no need special terminal and platform, and it is free of service charge
2. The system will send the message to the mobile cell to show the position of car (alarming message latitude, longitude, car speed and car direction) while alarming in real time
3. Multi-band (900MHz,1800MHz)
4. GSM cell phone carrier
5. Complete self-service, free of service charges
6. Full-Time guard your Vehicle with built-in GSM Module system. Will auto dial out (with voice message & SMS) when alarm system be triggered. Low cost to upgrade with high technology.
7.Transmitters with code-hopping technology
8. Easy to use, different Friendly human languages voice instruction
9. Arm/disarm by mobile phone, telephone, and remote control
10.Remote sound monitoring, voice broadcasting, engine start/stop by telephone
11. Checking status by telephone
12. Many alarm trigger modes (door open, engine start, shock, power off etc )
13. Alarming with SMS
14. SMS order control
15. 3 alarming phone numbers and 1 emergency help phone number
16. Anti-hijack
17. Emergency help switch
18. Sensitivity of shock sensor adjustable
19. False alarm trigger prevention
20. Status LED indicator
21. Alarm memory recall
22. Parking reminder
23. Trunk monitoring and remote trunk release
24. Bonnet monitoring
25. Automatic central locking system
26. Remote engine/air-conditioner start(optional)


1. Remote control

a. Arm/disarm

b. Lock/unlock

c. Car finding

d. Trunk release

e. Emergency help

f. Enable/disable shock sensor

g. Siren temporary disable

h. Start/stop engine

2. Phone

a. Arm/disarm

b. Lock/unlock

c. Enable/disable shock sensor

d. Active/deactivate immobilizer

e. Check the status of car (latitude, longitude, and car speed and car direction)

f. Broadcast to the driver

g. Listen in the car

I. Remote start/stop engine

h. Control the car by SMS

Main Components
1 x mainframe
1 x GSM antenna
2 x remote controls
1 x GPS antenna
1 x dialer
1 x shock sensor
1 x siren
1 x relay
1 x emergency help switch
1 x LED
1 x microphone
1 x engine starting relay group
1 x output wire(12 holes)
1 x intput wire(10 holes)
1 x intput wire(6 holes)
1 x start connection wire
1 x operating instuction
1 x fastening wire

Technical Specification

1. Mainframe
Working voltage: 12V
Static Current(with GSM Module):40mA-60mA
Arm/disarm working frequency: 300MHz-500MHz
Cover area and capacity: identical to the GSM system
Location Accuracy: 5-10M(which depends on the GPS satellite)
Alarming duration: alarm lasts until it is disarmed or the phone call is answered.

2. Voltage of the output control point
Igition control: 0V
Siren Control:12V
Petrol control:0V
Speaker control: 12V

3. Input checking voltage
Shock sensor: 0V
Key: 12V
Foot brake: 12V

4. GSM Module
Frequency: GSM 900MHz/1800MHz, or GSM 850MHZ, 1900MHZ.
Voltage of serial interface: 2.8V
Stand-by current: 11-25mA
Control distance: 20M-100M
Static current: 4mA

5. Remote control
Working voltage: 12V(1 A27 12V dry battery)
Working frequency: 300MHz-500MHz
Control distance: 20M-100M
Static current: 0mA

6.Working condition
Storage temp: -30℃-85℃
Working temp: -20℃-65℃
Working Humidity: 25﹪-95﹪

Storage temp: -40℃-100℃
Working temp: -20℃-85℃
Working Humidity: 25﹪-95﹪

7. Size of mainframe

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