Display of TMPS-K104

Display of TMPS-K104

Wireless TPMS for car (TPMS-K104)

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1) Upon detection of abnormal tire pressure and/or temperature, the system will display the warnings. The display lasts 8 seconds and then switches to a warning as showed in Secondary Warnings.

2) Persistent abnormal situation will be displayed. The warnings are in order of precedence for display selection by the system.

3) A warning will continue be displayed until the cause of warning went away.
When multiple warnings occurred, higher priority warning will be displayed first.
Pressing the control button for 3 seconds will clear the warning display.
If the abnormal situation persists, warnings will come back even if it was cleared.
The system continues to monitor the tires even after the vehicle is turned off. When the vehicle is switched back on, the current tire information will be displayed.

4) The user may adjust the warning threshold for tire pressure and temperature.

5) Suitable for vehicles with 4 wheels and with vacuum tyre.

6) The system can be retrained after tire rotation

(7) It is wireless, the main brian and display is combined(the main brian is inside the display)

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