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Transistor Electromagnetic Induction Aluminum Foil Sealer is a new type of container sealing equip, which is manufactured by bringing in the most advanced US Transistor Power Module and with main elements and part employed in original packing abroad.
It's applicable to seal container in any type of plastic material, as well as glass. The main operation process as follow: Rotate tightly container lid with aluminum foil compound pad inside, then conveyer belt carries containers to pass under induction generator, at the moment, Aluminum Foil is fused onto the mouth of container by instantaneous heat caused by electromagnetic induction. Sealing is achieved. Although there exists some rough articles on sealing mouth, that will not be any passive affection on sealing. It is well capable of preventing articles inside container from spilling out, and effective in moisture-proof, mildew-proof. All advantages above mentioned extend.
Service life of the machine and meet with GMP.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
    • With stainless outer shell and grilling by digital controlled punch, it appears clean and elegant in outline. Conveyer belt is made by engineering plastic link joint, speed of conveying container and its diameter (three model for your choose) adjustable. Bottle arranging machine and bottle removing machine also could be chosen as auxiliary. The machine is applicable in the lines of pharmacy, veterinary medicine, pesticide, food, brewing, condiment, cosmetic, lubricant, beauty treatment, hotel, traveling, etc.
  • It matches assembly line.
    • The machine is appreciated by its adjustable power, high sealing speed, powerful adhesive force, effective in separating aluminum and its paper pad.
  • Material appliances
    • Material appliances: PE, PET, PP, PVC, ABS, Glass bottle etc. Metal and metal lid are unsuitable. We offer aluminum foil compound pads that are applicable to various kinds of material.