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Our medical supplies factory is specialized in producing medical dressings and implements, which certificated by EN ISO 13488: 2000 & CE approval. as a famous OEM., some products have FDA certificate.

Our medical supplies Factory mainly produces: 100% cotton absorbent gauze sponges (gauze swabs), gauze rolls, gauze balls, gauze bandages, laparotomy sponges (lap sponges), sterile gauze pad (sponges), first aid kits, cheese cloth,absorbent cotton wool, disposable syringes & needles, non-reused syringes with needles, infusion sets, transfusion sets, latex finger cots, non-woven gowns, coveralls, masks, shoe covers, caps, bouffants, adhesive would dressing, zinc oxide adhesive plaster, microporous surgical tapes(micrcopore surgical tapes), pe surgical tapes (transpore or transparent surgical tapes), silk surgical tapes (durapore surgical tapes), waterproof adhesive plaster, sport tapes, first aid band (adhesive plaster or adhesive bandages), crepe bandages (elastic), confirming bandages, high-tensile elastic bandages, cohesive bandages (self-adhesive elastic bandages), cotton crepe elastic bandages, absorbent lint, nebulizers, aerosol holding chambers and other medical dressings and implements.

Our medical supplies Factory can supply 30 million meter absorbent gauze and 3. 1 billion gauze sponges per year. We also can supply 2 billion pieces syringes. 1 million rolls surgical tapes per month. If needed, we can expand production line fastly.
Our detal products are new contained: Bite Tray, Curve Bite Tray, Stainessless Steel Holder, Stainessless Steel Curve Holder
  • gauze roll ball sponges bandages
  • Disposable Syringe&Needles
  • Infusion Sets,Transfusion Sets
  • Zinc Oxide Adhesive Plaster
  • Detal Bite Tray,Holder
  • EN ISO13488 CE

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