full-automatic blow moulding machine

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for blow up to 1.5L PET bottle automatically, can produce 1800-3000bph
1. The preforms will be automatically transmitted to the place where they will be put in order automatically on the preform sideway.
2. The heating-heads gain the preforms in succession at the entrance and the correspondence system will control the prefoms to get the accurate temperature when they are heated by infrared ray,meanwhile,the temperature in different level is showing clearly on the touch-screen.
3. The protruding wheel will control the mould frame to open and close completely, to change the speed of locking mould, meanwhile, the bottle-blowing parameters for every moud cavities will be controlled and showed on the screen.(The control system adopts the advanced technology from Japan and Germany).
4. After the formation of the bottles, the machinery hand will automatically take them out from the moulds, automatically check and get rid of the defective goods. The bottles will be layed down from the band carrier the defective goods.
  • ZQ-D2500
    • 2Cavity UP TO 2000ML
  • 2000-2500/hr
    • ZQ-D3200
      • 3Cavity UP TO 2000ML
    • 2800-3000pcs/hr
      • ZQ-D3800
        • 4CAVITY UP TO 1500ML
      • 3200-3500PCS/H

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