ZQ-SJC extruding blow mahcine

Product ID: extruder machine

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it clamping system is equipped with bot pneumatic system and mechanical system, with high clamping force,lower eneger consumption.
one step,fully automatic hollow molding machine is suitable to produce heat resistant,PP.PE.PVC.PS..PC bottles.
  • ZQ-SJC50C
    • screw diamter 50mm,can blow up to 350ml polyester empty containers.
  • ZQ-SJC55C
    • screw diamter 55mm,can blow up to 500ml polyester empty containers.
  • ZQ-SJC65C
    • screw diamter 65mm,can blow up to 1000ml polyester empty containers.
  • ZQ-SJC
    • 2mould die, 4station. can produce 2different weight and volume products with same material at the same time.

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