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The management tenet of Beijing Zhongmaolian International Exhibition Co., Ltd. is “Establishing the International First Class Exhibition Company.” It built up several companies in America, Hongkong, having the ability for organizing the national and international exhibition. It also established several branches in many provinces in China. All the companies and branches manage all kinds of exhibition for commercialized management, organizing, undertaking medium or large-scale exhibition and projects, which supported by the government. Beijing Zhongmaolian International Exhibition Co., Ltd. conducted many large-scaled national, international show and exhibition both in Beijing and Shanghai. Such as, the 4th International Lighting Fair, International Exhibition of Writing Instruments, Stationery and Gifts, International Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Exhibition, etc. The company possess of the professional staff with high professional education, having the ability of professional designing, recruiting, exploiting the projects, organizing. And experienced staff also has the strong professional ability of propaganda.
It is seized of experienced TV staff with more than ten years experience working for TV Station. It has the advantage of propaganda at CCTV, BTV, and different TV Station in different cities and provinces. Beijing Zhongmaolian International Exhibition Co., Ltd. is a rapid developing company with large-scale in the exhibition circle.
  • Advantageous Marketing Functions:
    • Our experienced Marketing Dept. will responsible for promoting, consulting and solving your business relating to marketing functions. The Dept will for arranging specialized meetings and conferences, offering powerful promotion plans and useful marketing information.In a close consultation with industry, all our events are conceived, developed and launched to ensure that they are timely, relevant and directly targeted to market needs.

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