NT1 build-in ISDN TA

Product ID: Unik-11/22

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NTAplus supports the analog POTS ports, Internet access, USB and Remote management functions. It provides a complete solution for data and voice communication for SOHO at a minimal equipment investment cost. Its low power consumption can survive at remote powering condition. Remote F/W upgrade and configuration minimize the maintenance expense of telephone companies.

Internet Access
It supports the high speed Internet access by Async-to-Sync PPP (or Multilink PPP) conversion. Bandwidth management schemes are supported. Advanced AO/DI is also available. Support USB and RS232.
Telephone Ports
There are 2 analog ports for telephone sets, answering machines, FAX machines or PBX. Advanced features are supported for the analog ports, such as Call Waiting, Hold, Transfer, 3-party conference, and internal calls.
Remote Management
Remote F/W download make it possible to upgrade the service and function. Remote Configuration can also reduce the maintenance expense.
Survival at Line Power
Both telephones can operate at line power condition for emergence while local power failure.
.Comply with ETSI ETR 080/EURO ISDN
.Remote Line Powering

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