10Mbps HomePNA2.0 Ethernet Bridge

Product ID: PET-2100

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The HomePNA2.0 Ethernet Adapter, PET-2100, enables you to set up your private network at home with your existing telephone lines.

No additional network wiring is necessary. You may just find a RJ-11 phone jack in the wall, put the phone line plug into the jack, and you can then be ready to access the broadband Internet.

No extra utility is necessary. No utility, no setting, just link. Simply plug and play.

Via the RJ-45 Ethernet ports, you can connect PET-2100 with Ethernet-interface devices such as Set-Top-Box, Camera Server, and Switch/Hub. The high-speed of 10Mbps will bring you to enjoy the Video-On-Demand (VOD) services or the Multimedia-On-Demand (MOD) services.

With PET-2100, SOHO can even quickly extend or flexibly change the existing LAN environment. No re-wiring more and no more trouble.
.HomePNA V2.0
.No New Wiring

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