GT1 Diagnostic System (DK 2.1 Version

GT1 Diagnostic System (DK 2.1 Version

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GT1 Diagnostic System (DK 2.1 Version)

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BMW GT1 ( DK 2.1 Version )

Product Description:

GT1(DK2.1Version) allow you to electronically diagnose your car via OBDII cable, at the same time allowing the upgrade of various aspects of the dashboard.
Diagnostic & Information System (latest DIS version) - Containing Technical Information System (TIS), includes technical literature of repair manuals (from E36), Service Information Bulletins (from 1988), Technical Reference Information Bulletins (from 1988), Technical Data, etc.

100% Performance on all diagnostic features on BMW (2006) Via a direct connection or OBDII Cable to your BWM the DIS and GT1 system can register in only a couple of seconds any incidences that have occurred after the last check-up. It is by far, the most advanced tool used for diagnosis on BMW cars.
  • Package includes:
    • 1. BMW yellow Multiplexer (DK 2.1 version)
    • 2. OBD-II cable
    • 3.20 pin diagnostic cable
    • 4. LAN cable (with 100M speed)
    • 5. Latest software (V53DIS & V28SSS)
  • After sale service:
    • 1) Support update
    • 2) Free repair and maintenance service in one year
    • 3) Free technical support by internet or via phone
  • BMW GT1 is available from full stock now!
  • Packing: Tool Box Or Carton

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