Diagnostic Tester for Porsche

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Product Description
Original Tester for Porsche, support Diagnosis/Programming/Coding/Key Programming.
The PIWIS Tester is a modular, portable diagnostic, information, and measuring system.
The unit contains a computer, hard disk with installed software, LCD display, and a Lithium-ion battery. A virtual keyboard and a USB mouse is available for operation in addition to the tracer pin for the LCD touch screen. Data and measured values can be printed using the USB-interface with an external printer. The LCD display is used as the display. An external monitor can also be connected.

The goods will be upgraded by DVD, the software is the lastest, and the goods in stock now. Meanwhile if you need any picture of the goods, we can offer to you.

Language: Germany, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Japan, Chinese.
VERSION: 18.000.2007.04.18
  • Configuration:
    • 1. PIWIS Tester
    • 2. Power pack 90/264 VAC
    • 3. Power cord for power pack
    • 4. OBD Porsche Diagnostics cable
    • 5. Cables for the multimeter(for future expasion)
    • 6. USB cable
    • 7. Black ground cable with terminal
    • 8.2 red probe tips
    • 9. Y-connection piece to connect the PIWIS Tester and the DVD drive to the power pack
    • 10.2 tracer pins
    • 11.3 fuses (5 AF)
    • 12. Case
    • 13. External DVD driver (USB)
    • 14. Diagnostics adapter cable(26-pin to 8 pin)
    • 15. Test connector for OBD Porsche diagnosis lines and adapter socket for OBD Porsche diagnostics cable
  • Warranty:
    • One-year product quality warranty
    • Terms of payment: T/T, Western Union (WU)
  • Sample shipment:
    • By TNT, DHL,
  • After sale service:
    • 1) Free repair and maintenance service in one year
    • 2) Free technical support by internet or via phone

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