Intelligent Tester

Intelligent Tester

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Intelligent Tester II

Product ID: Intelligent Tester II

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Product Description
1. Intelligent Tester II-1 PC
2. Storage case -1 PC
3. AC/DC power supply-1 PC
4. DLC3 cable-1 PC
5. Voltage meter probe-1 PC
6. USB cable-1 PC
7. Oscilloscope probe -2 PC
  • Product introduction:
    • DENSO Diagnostic Tester-2 (DST-2) for TOYOTA & LEXUS enables you to diagnose electronic control systems for engines, ABS's and airbags, even through CAN-diagnosiscommunication. CAN Communication DiagnosisDST-2 realizes more accurate diagnosis through CAN communication that speed is 50 times faster than conventional. Easy operation on LCD display with touch panel5.7inch full color display with touch panel assists an easier operation. Voltmeter and Oscilloscope Not only communication basis disgnosis [Diagnostic code, ECU data monitor, Active test], but also voltmeter and oscilloscope detect alteration in the electric signal to find out the troubling part. Data recording to your PCSaved data such as data-list can be downloaded to your PC.
    • DST-2 Main Unit Items Specification Dimensions: 145mm (W) x 223mm (H) x 71mm (D)
    • Weight Approx.:1380g
    • Source voltage: DC10-32V
    • Power consumption Normal: 7W (12VDC), Charging: 10W (12VDC)
    • Operation temperature: 0~45C
    • Storage temperature: -10~60C LCD
    • Display 5.7-inch, color STN (320x240), transparent type of 256 colors Adjustable brigthness/contrast Touch panel Input: By finger or stylus pen Key Four (up, down, two function keys) Built-in clock For a time stamp PC Communication PC card slot CFx1ch (CF standard type I, II) USB Host: 1ch,
    • Function: 1ch Serial 1ch (RS-232C) Vehicle communication CAN; ISO9141 Back up power supply Lithium-ion battery 7.4v 1000mAH Recharge hour (at normal temperature); Approximate operating time Approx. 5 hours (fully discharge to full charge)80 minutes (normal operation); Voltage Measurement Function Items Specification Maximum sampling rate 250s/sec; Input channel 1ch Voltage range (vertical scale) 1V/div, 2V/div, 5V/div; Time range (horizontal scale) 100ms/div, 200ms/div, 10s/div; Oscilloscope Function Items Specification Maximum sampling rate 500ks/sec; Input channel 2ch Trigger functions Mode Auto, normal, single Trigger 10%, 50%, and 90% of the monitor; Voltage range (vertical scale) 100mV/div, 200mV/div, 500mV/div~10V/div; Time range (horizontal scale) 5us/div, 100us/div, 200us/div, ~10s/div(200ms and higher is the Roll mode).
  • After sale service
    • 1)Support update
    • 2)Free maintenance lasts one year as well as the warranty period,
    • 3)Free technical support by internet or via phone

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