Solar water heater(collector)

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1. Water tanks are made by machine. Flower design pressed on aluminum alloy(or stainless steel) shell, beautiful and durable. Inner water tank is made of supper SUS304 food grade stainless steel plates, welded by argon arc. Water is pure and drinkable.
2. Warm keeper of water tanks adopts polyurethane's celluar, thickness is 60mm.
3. Aluminum alloy(or stainless steel) supports are connected by bolts and nuts, firm and stable, easy to install.
4. .Between vacuum tubes and inner water tank, we adopt milk white silicon glue rings to connect and seal them.
5. .The tubes and supports are adjustable, power bearing is average, and can assure the vacuum tubes to use long time.
  • Effective and applicable:
    • It adopts the efficient AL-N/AL heat absorption coating vacuum pipe heat collector.
  • Superior material
    • The outer casing of the tank adopts the excellent quality stainless steel with strong corrosion-resistance. The inner body employs the imported SUS304 stainless steel welding for shaping.
  • ISO9001

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