Wheelchair wheel

Product ID: TAC-6000THH

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A.Shock absorption makes you more comfortable when sitting on the wheelchair and reduces the vibration when moving.

B.To make the wheel running more easily and labor saving, we use the theory of Centrifugal force and windmill that is no wind resistance.
  • Size
    • 24" x 1", 24" x 1 3/8"
  • Bearing
    • 6001, R8
  • Material
    • Special Aluminum Magnesium alloy
  • Weight
    • 1460 g
  • Color
    • Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Yellow
  • Attractive design
    • Modern design and more colors to choose from.
  • Advantage
    • Easier to assemble and change but not easily deformed.
  • ISO 9002

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