Standalone module

Product ID: TSM100S/TSM100L

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stand-alone built-in CPU Fingerprint Recognition Device designed for RS-232, RS-485, and Wiegand interfaces. It is a durable, compact optics-based fingerprint recognition device designed for easy integration into a wide ranger of applications. It is made up of fingerprint processing module and capturing module. Optical fingerprint capturing module uses CMOS Technology to get high-qualified fingerprint images. Processing module communicates with external controller by serial. There are 2 relay outputs and 2 signal inputs.
  • Capacity of Register
    • 60~720 Pcs
  • Operating Temperature
    • 0蚓-40蚓
  • Interface
    • RS485-RS232, Wiegand
  • Communication Speed
    • 9600~57600bps
  • Compact Design
  • Excellent algorithm
  • without distortion
    • Fingerprint extraction technology without distortion
  • Self-contained storage
    • and will match and conserve automatically
  • DSP match & conserve automatically

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