VoIP Gateway

Product ID: TIG-200 / 400

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TIS-200/400 IP gateway behaves as a bridging between local PSTN and IP network; it provides Voice and FAX over IP services with H.323 v3 or SIP RFC3261 protocol through existing ADSL or cable Modem service.
NO matter home user, SOHO or Multi-nation Enterprise can select suitable solution to save cost for international or long distance call.
  • Supports 2/4 channels of real time voice and fax in a single embedded box.
  • Modular design to accommodate various types of telephony interfaces.
  • Field programmable CP tone detection and generation to support PBX and CO line interconnections.
  • Supports programmable line interfaces with country specific telephone settings.
  • Supports ITU standard voiceovers and voice processing algorithms including G.711, G.723.1, and.G.729 A/B, and G.168 echo cancellation.
  • User-friendly management including console port interface, HTTP and Telnet servers, and Elite server for VoIP related management such as call control and dial plan set up.
  • Built-in TFTP and flash memory for software download and upgrade via network.
  • H.323 call control protocol compliant.
  • QoS support for VoIP packets.

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