Better and Strong Grating Co., Ltd.
"We are certified to meet your quality requirements as an accredited company under ISO 9001. Better and Strong can satisfy virtually all of your requirements."
Since its foundation in 1980 the firm Better and Strong Grating Co., Ltd. has been acknowledge as one of the industry leaders in the supply and manufacture of gratings in Taiwan. Operating in accordance with NAAMM standards in two factories totaling over 11000 square meter of space, Better and Strong Grating participates in all facets of the grating industry: design commentary, manufacturing, fabrication and engineering.
Better and Strong Grating has supported many large-scale projects in the domestic market and even the world. Our many years of expertise coupled with our modern equipment and facilities have granted us a leading quality grating manufacturer. Better and Strong Grating's electro-forge machine has the flexibility and capacity of welding a very wide range of bearing bar and cross bar sizes.
We enjoy the image of a very dynamic corporation. Whether the requirements call for standard panels or custom made that is "Delivered When Promised" and " Made Perfect", Better and Strong Grating is the choice of customers whose primary criteria are good quality and best service.
Better and Strong Grating offers extensive design and fabrication services to support full range of gratings. Our Sales, Engineering and Design Departments can take your requirements from structural drawings to shop drawings (detailed drawings) as well as to ready-to-install grating. We are able to quickly evaluate and recommend alternatives that can improve performance and could save time and reduce the cost.