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Is your desk always covered with piles of papers? Do you always miss your memo or paper on your desk? Maybe you need a magnetic holder to stick your important papers securely. The magnetic holder with strong pulling force is designed for mounting on wall, workbench or any flat surface. The item has strong magnetic strength, which means it will not fall of easily. With the help of the item, you could keep papers or notes visible and handy yet safely out of the way while you work. We guarantee that our magnetic holders don’t crack or break because we choose high-quality material to make each product. The product can be easily stamped, slit, punched and laminated. Still, we also can customize any particular shape and size for your specific application such as magnetic key holder, magnetic knife holder, magnetic label holder etc.

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Sintered ferrite magnet, Neodymium iron boron, Alnico magnet, Samarium cobalt(smco) magnet, Magnetic holder, Flexible rubber magnet.

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