EDM Wire

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MTL EDM Wire is the superior material for enhancing the processing speed and precision of mould manufacturing. We assure excellent manufacturing performance with our high-quality wire.
1: High Diameter Precision
Diameter tolerance within 0.002mm. Outstanding roundness within 0.001mm. Smooth surface without scratches.
2: Stable Tensile Strength
Our professional manufacturing system assures stable tensile strength.
3: Superior Straightness
Straight wire, free from twisting and deformation.
Suitable for automatic threading.
4: Excellent Raw Material
Select high purity and superior quality copper and zinc to produce our wire
5: Fine Packaging
Packed in three layers of imported dustproof paper, precise PVC film for sealing and shake-proof seven-layers corrugated carton box to prevent oxidation and erosion
6: No Welding
Complete solution of the problem of decreased processing efficiency caused by wire breakage.
  • OEM/ODM Product
  • Branded Product
  • Buyer's Label Offered
  • ISO 9001

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