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The CNC Woodworking Center is a place based in China Nice-Cut factory, providing machines like CNC woodworking machine or laser machine.  The model NC-L1325 applies Italian HSD air cooling spindle and Panasonic system to avoid any over-heated condition while working.  The vacuum table of the woodowrking center is made by bakelite material, so it is strong enough to avoid the distortion.  

Besides, the control system in the CNC woodworking center is with auto-complete multi-level 3D processing, and it can stop any mistake happens from the software.  Moreover, the machine is an economic tool changer.  In other words, the machine is a simple auto-tool changer CNC router for wood working.  It can save your time when changing the tool.  

You can purchase wood-made products from our CNC woodworking center, and you don't have to worry about the quality of the products since we have standard equipments and good QC system to control the product line.  If you are interested in our product, please feel free and contact us for more information today.  We are ready to serve you the best.  



Lathe Bed

Square tube


Cast  Aluminum

 Guide Rail

Square Rail with X,Y,Z axis

X Y Z Transmission

Gear rack with X and Y axis

Imported Ball Screw with Z axis

Spindle Motor

4.5KW water cooling spindle for tool changer


5.5KW inverter

Control System


Typeset Software



750W PANASONIC Servo Motor


PANASONIC Servo Driver

Lathe Table

Vacuum table with T-SLOT

Vacuum Pump

5.5KW TONYOU Oil Cooling

Air compressor


Tool Magazine

Linear tool changer,8tools

Dust Collector


Electricity cabinet

Independent Cabinet

Tool sensor


Dust Proof

Dust proof design with Z axis

Working Area



Plywood case


Woodworking Tools with 10 pieces

CNC Woodworking Center Technical parameters:1>Lathe bed: square tube2>Guide rail: square rail with X, Y, and Z axis3>X, Y, Z transmission: gear rack with X and Y axis4>Imported ball screw (2510 type) with Z axis5>Spindle motor:HSD spindle 6>Inverter: 3.7kW inverter7>Control system: Taiwan syntec system8>Typeset software: type 3 (English)/Ucancam9>Motor: Japan imported servo motor10>Driver: 882 driver11>Lathe table: vacuum table with bakelite sheet (hand valve controlling)12>Vacuum pump: 5.5kW Tonyou oil cooling13>Air compressor: 3.0kW14>Dust collector: 3.0kW15>Electricity cabinet: independent cabinet16>Package: plywood case
1.NC-L1325 is a economic tool changer CNC router, it can change 4 tools.2.Italian HSD air cooling spindle and Panasonic servo system.3.We use bakelite material for our vacuum table, it is very strong to avoid the distortion.4.Systec control system to avoid the mistake of the software. It can protect the table and   the machine.This is a simple auto-tool changer CNC router for wood working. It can save the time to change the tools. It is more convenient to the wood working factory to make different designs. It is servo system and with vacuum system.5. The new generation control system, auto-complete multi-level 3 D processing. It also can carry out rapid and smooth three-dimensional processing, carving or cutting.Meanwhile, offline operation can be realized.6.General principles of tempering aging treatment of welding structure, solid without deformation. Gantry mobile, fixed work platform, materials on the table can be arbitrary processed.
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