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stainless steel elbow

Stainless steel elbow

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I. Socket Elbow, Socket Tee, Socket Cross

1. Average of socket wall thickness around periphery shall be no less than listed values. The minimum values are permitted in localized areas.

2. Upper and lower values for each size are the respective maximum and minimum dimensions.

II. Straight Hexagonal Nipple, Reducing Hexagonal Nipple

The standards and codes of the fittings is conical threaded NPT angle 60° of GB/T 12716(ANSI/ASME B1.20.1), and if requiring other types of thread, please indicate them in the purchased order.

III. Butt-Welding Tees and Crosses

GB 12459、GB/T 13401、SH 3408、SH 3409、HG/T 21635、HG/T 21631、SY/T 0510、ASME B16.9

  • Carbon steel butt weld fittings 
    • Size: 1/2” – 30”
    • Schedule: STD/SCH40/XS/X80
    • Specification: ANSI B16.28 ASTM A-234
    • STBFXD-1/2
  • Stainless steel butt weld fittings
    • Size: 1/2” – 16” 
    • Schedule: STD/SCH40
    • Mat’l: ASTM A182-304/304L, 316/316L
    • CSTB-1
  • Cast stainless steel fitting 150LB
    • Size: 1/8”-6”
    • Pressure: 150LB
    • Standard: MSS SP-114
    • NEXD
  • Carbon steel nipples
    • Size:1/8” – 6”
    • Specification: ANSI B1.20.1 BSEN 10241
    • Mat’l: ASTM A53-98
    • XDC
  • Stainless steel castings
    • Unit weight: 0.3-13KGS
    • Materials: ASTM A182-304, 403L, 316, 316L
    • Casting method: wax lost casting
    • BFXD
  • Brass fittings:
    • Type: Elbows/Nipples/Tees/Crsoss/Unio
    • Materials: Brass to BS specification
    • Size: 1/2” –6”
  • Fittings
  • Size: 1/2” – 30” 
  • Schedule: STD/SCH40/XS/X80
  • Specification: ANSI B16.28 ASTM A-234

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