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Aluminum Roller Shutter.
Aluminum blade is supplied by the qualified aluminum extrusion factory with strong tensile force, hardness, and excellent flexibility. The extrusion mold is designed by the computer through the process of hot working and sandblasting to ensure the best quality.
  • Multiple Safety Features
    • When the roller door is in operation, it will immediately reverse or stop if it encounters resistance, ensuring human, vehicular or object safety.
    • Can switch to manual operation, only very little force is required to open the roller door manually, making it easy when escaping a fire or power outage.
    • Install the backup battery could also prevent the inconvenience of entry / exit during a power outage.
    • An Jinn has marketing and service network that extends to counties / cities all over the nation, and this product is covered by a NT$ 5 million safety insurance policy.
  • Quiet Fast and Smart Features
    • Fast, quiet and long lasting:Both sides of the door panel are equipped with strong and durable reinforced flat nylon strings which eliminates the need to lubricate the tracks. According to long-term durability test, the strings' life span is long lasting.
    • Durable pulley:The plastic pulley of the one-piece molded roller door with shaft is made of engineering plastic. Intensive destructive testing conducted show no sign of damage, it is durable.
    • Invisible motor:Built-in motor adopts DC 24V power supply-saves power and stable. Tests show that continuous use will not overload or burn the motor. An Jinn roller doors rise / descend at 18-20cm per second, which is twice the speed of traditional roller shutter.
    • Microcomputer control box and remote handset:Patented computer control provides remote control system for each door, allowing the driver to stay in the vehicle when it rains.
    • Automatic lighting:When roller door is in operation, the lighting will be automatically activated for 60 seconds from the control box, saving the trouble of tuning on another light when returning home after dark.
    • Additional features:Provision for interface with building central control system, smoke detector, and security alarm...etc, can expand the security system.
  • Easy Maintenance
    • Comparable to a high-end car coating, could easily clean with water on the door panel and side guide.

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