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Power Hand Tools

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Hand Tools, Power Hand Tools, and many Industrial & Commercial Metal need high-precision CNC machining technology, Sheng Wei fully utilize it´s capabilities and state - of - the - art CNC machining, milling & turning equipment to create a high precision products, like CNC parts, turned parts, turning parts, machine parts, machine shaft & metal parts etc. The Power Hand Tools shown on the illustration has been received a great satisfaction from our customer and the relationship between us has been good and long since then. Sheng Wei is capable of serving your esteemed company´s requirement on either OEM or ODM. Your inquiry is always highly appreciated and welcome.
  • Sheng Wei specialized in CNC parts, turned parts, turning parts, machine parts, machine shaft & metal parts. The parts we manufactured is widely used for following categories
    • Medical & Technological parts
    • The Automotive parts
    • The telecommunication parts
    • The power tool parts
    • Construction parts
    • The agricultural parts
    • Energy related parts
    • Art parts
    • Shaft parts
    • OA parts
    • Air Compressor & Hydraulic Machinery parts
  • By focusing on innovation and continually strive to keep up with the latest in the machining/turning technology, Sheng Wei is able to create a greater quality product in a time efficient manner at an effective price for our customers.

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