plastic tooling

plastic tooling

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plastic tooling

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The mold tooling is one of the most ideal solutions from OKAY for your needs of various products.  For example, the mould for cases, medical devices, rubber products, plastic commodity or even some machinery parts are all available here.  In order to make highly precision for designing, the bases of the mould are under quality production via standard procedure. Take the plastic molding for example, the mold usually begins with bars of chromium steel, a high durability metal that can bear repeated high pressuring injection of plastic. 

In the production, the operators assemble the bars into a block called mold base.  They melt the bases on milling machine, which shave the bars into right dimension.  A mold usually consists of two halves, and each of which is comprised of different components.  After you pouring your material into the mold, how close the two bases can be together is another crucial procedure. Also, the technique to distract your product from the mold is important.  It seems like the last procedure, but it’s also the vital one to decide whether your production is success or not.  We OKAY has the most standardize equipment for the mold tooling, so please feel free and contact us for more information!

Product Material: HDPEMould Base: LKM, DME Core/Cavity steel: 45#, P20, 718, 718H, 2738, 2316 etcNo. of Cavities: Single/MultiInjection System:Direct Gate, Side Gate, Point Gate, Sub Gate etc.Ejector System: Oil Cylinders + Ejector PinMould Leading Time: 60daysMould Lifespan: More than 500,000 ShotsMould Runner : Cold/Hot Runner Mould Components: HASCO, DME, PUNCH etcMain Softwares: Auto CAD, UG, Catia, Solidworks, etc.Quality assurance: ISO9001
  • ISO9001

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